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Event Planning & Waste Sorting

Are you organizing an event, festival, family picnic or BBQ? If you are organizing an event with a large gathering of people, don't forget to think about waste separation.

It is law in Nova Scotia to separate your waste. Are the containers you have adequate for the event? Leave out the guesswork by contacting qualified staff at Waste Check to help. Waste separation containers are available for loan to groups for their events.

Tips to Reduce Waste Generated at Your Event

  • Post proper signage to make sorting waste as clear and as simple as possible, especially in areas where food is prepared, purchased, and eaten;

  • Use reusable dishes, if at all possible, to cut down on garbage. If not, use paper plates and napkins so they can be placed into the organics stream. It always helps to clarify this with extra signage;

  • Instead of providing individual packets of condiments, such as ketchup, salt, cream, or sugar, purchase these items in bulk. Not only does this cut down the amount of waste, but it may also save money as well;

  • Find a high-traffic area to place your bins to reduce the amount of littering.

Responsibilities for Borrowers

  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to return the carts emptied and clean when the event is over. Bins must be returned in an acceptable condition.

  • All garbage generated at the event should be disposed of by the event organizers. If not, organizers will be charged all fees that are related to disposing of the waste.

  • All waste generated is the responsibility of the event organizers or vendors as specified by the organizers.

  • In the event the bins sustain damage during use, the event organizers are responsible for the full replacement cost.

How to Dispose of Waste:

There are several ways waste generated by your event can be disposed of properly:

  • Curbside Collection: If your event is held at a location where there is already regular scheduled curbside pick-up, you can place the waste–sorted into the proper streams out on the curb on the appropriate days for collection. Please remember there may be some bag limits and restrictions.

  • Private Haulers: If your event takes place at a location where there is no scheduled pick-up, you can arrange to have it collected by a private hauler for a cost. If the haulers provide a dumpster at your event, please ensure that all recycling materials, organics, and garbage are not all tossed in together, they must be separated. For a list of haulers in the region, please click here.

  • Transfer Station: Your separated waste can also be dropped off at your nearest transfer station. 

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