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Téléchargez notre guide de tri des déchets pour accéder facilement aux informations de tri, y compris les matières recyclables, les matières organiques et les sacs à ordures. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez nous contacter et nous serons heureux de vous aider.



Vous cherchez à acheter des conteneurs de tri des déchets pour votre bureau, votre travail, votre entreprise, votre organisation ou même votre maison ? Tous les fabricants répertoriés sont basés au Canada et répondront à vos besoins en matière de réduction des déchets.

Tartan Trading - "Trieur facile"

Fabriqué localement à Weymouth, N.-É. Différentes conceptions standard et personnalisées pour répondre à vos besoins.

ABCO Industries Limitée

Situé à Lunenburg, N.-É. Construit et vend divers conteneurs de recyclage et de tri des déchets.

Systèmes Busch

Répondra à toutes les exigences avec une grande variété de modèles et de styles de conteneurs à choisir.

Le Docteur Bin

Situé à Dartmouth, N.-É. Vend et distribue des conteneurs de tri des déchets de divers fabricants.

OMG Atlantique

Offrant des conceptions uniques pour les conteneurs de tri des déchets. Basé sur l'Atlantique.

Solutions de recyclage Clean River

Fabrique des conteneurs de recyclage, des bacs et des armoires fabriqués à partir de matières premières avec le contenu recyclé le plus élevé disponible.

  • Why clear bags for garbage?
    We have switched to clear bags to increase the amount of recyclables and organics and decrease what is ending up in the landfill. We know that there are still people who are not participating in our recycling and composting programs. The use of clear bags makes it simple to inspect bags for banned materials.
  • Can I still use clear bags for recyclables?
    No. Recyclables must be placed in blue bags. This will eliminate any confusion between garbage and recycling.
  • What happens if I don't follow the rules? Will clear bags be enforced?
    Like all new programs, there will be a grace period to allow people to adjust to the changes. However, you are expected to use clear bags and clear bags will be enforced.
  • Does everyone have to use clear bags?
    Yes. At home and at work, everyone is expected to use clear bags.
  • What if I need to use black bags for personal/medical items?
    For people with health issues contact Waste Check to arrange a visit to discuss your needs.
  • What about kitty litter, dog feces and diapers?
    These can be placed right in your clear bags.
  • How do I dispose of dryer lint and fabric softener sheets?
    Place in your clear garbage bag.
  • How do you dispose of wet/soiled paper products?
    They can be placed in your green cart for composting.
  • How do you dispose of milk containers?
    All milk cartons and jugs should be rinsed and go in recycle Blue Bag#2 with your containers and other recyclables.
  • How do you dispose of STOVE ASHES?
    Due to fire hazard, stove ashes are NOT acceptable in the green cart. Ashes are best disposed of on your property. Ashes are also accepted in your regular garbage, but must be bagged separately with Ashes clearly marked on the outside. Please remember that no matter which method of disposal you use, that you ensure ashes are cold prior to disposal.
  • How do you dispose of Styrofoam food containers/cups and packing materials?
    They are all garbage and should be placed in your clear garbage bag.
  • How do you dispose of CAR BATTERIES?
    Car batteries can be taken to your local ENVIRO-DEPOT or check with your local garage.
  • Where does leftover paint go?
    Most household paint can be returned to your local ENVIRO-DEPOT for recycling. Call Waste Check for more information.
  • How do I dispose of empty paint cans?
    Empty Paint Cans are part of the paint recycling program so can be returned to your local enviro depot for recycling. Please contact Waste Check for more information.
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