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Since 1995, Nova Scotia has issued a disposal ban on numerous items that can be diverted from the landfill and made into valuable resources. It is provincial law that these items be kept out of landfills and be disposed of properly. To assist the general public in reducing their waste, many by–laws have been put in place for each municipality to ensure that everyone is doing their part. At Waste Check, our By-Law Enforcement Officer, Ritchie Nickerson, has the responsibility of implementing these By–Laws in our Region to warrant compliance on all levels of waste reduction.

By-Law Officer’s Responsibilities

  • Enforce Solid Waste by–laws for the Municipalities of Digby, Clare, Yarmouth, Argyle and the Towns of Yarmouth and Digby.

  • Initiate or respond to complaints of alleged violations of our Solid Waste By–Laws, Waste Check policies and the Solid Waste–Resource Management Regulations of the Province of Nova Scotia.

  • Investigate illegal dump sites and provide on–going monitoring.

  • Conducts on–site inspections at Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) and residential properties to ensure compliance with Solid Waste By–Law requirements for source separation.

  • Conducts audits and load inspections at waste management facilities.

  • In consultation with the Municipal and/or the Waste Check Solicitor, lays charges before the courts (long form information), and issues Summary Offence Tickets (SOT) or By–Law tickets to individuals accused of violating Solid Waste By-Laws and the Solid Waste–Resource Management Regulations of the Province of Nova Scotia.

    To report an illegal dump site, or to issue a complaint to be addressed by our By–Law Officer, please contact Ritchie Nickerson at (902) 742–7820, or call the Waste Check Hotline at 1–800–569–0039.


Transfer Station and Truck Load Inspections

Transfer Station and Truck Load inspections can be made at any time. The By–Law Officer can visit the transfer station at any point in time to inspect the waste that is coming into the facility. If there are clear bags with visible recyclables thrown away as garbage, an inspection can be done. If any contact information is found, the By–Law officer is entitled to contact the person who put the bag out on the curb. A letter will be sent and an education visit may be in order. Black bags sent to the transfer station can be inspected as well. Truck load inspections are also done at the transfer station. Random inspections can be made on any loads of garbage brought in. If there is clearly improper separation, the By–Law officer will contact the violator and consequences will incur.

By–Law Tickets

Violators of Municipal Solid Waste By-Laws run the risk of receiving a Summary Offence Ticket for their actions. Issued by the By-Law Officer, these By–Law Tickets can hold fines of up to $5000. Education and other resources can be used to help deter the issuance of fines.

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Administrative Tickets

Violators of Waste Check’s Solid Waste By–Laws can be issued an Administrative Ticket for fines up to $150. These tickets are issued from our By–Law Enforcement Officer and payable to Waste Check.

If you would like to set-up a visit with one of our educators, please call the Waste Check Hotline at 1-800-569-0039.

Illegal Dumping

Like many rural areas, Region 7 has a problem with illegal garbage dumping. In the past, it was a common and accepted practice to dispose of unwanted materials on "the back 40" or "the old road". Although the environmental and health risks associated with "backyard dumping" are now well documented, the practice continues. I'm sure you are aware that dumping garbage in the woods, on the beach, or in other natural environments creates an ugly mess that spoils the recreational experience of locals and tourists alike. 

The illegal dumping of waste is a serious offence, punishable by fines from $500-$5000, and up to 90 days in jail. This is on top of the costs incurred during the cleanup of the site. Waste Check can answer any questions you may have about waste disposal in this region. If separating your recyclables and organics is the problem, we can help simplify that too. Feel free to contact Waste Check at any time.


Illegal Burning

Open Burning of garbage is against the law in Nova Scotia.

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